Address: 8315 Gyenesdiás Bartók Béla u.1.
Tel / fax: 83 / 311-490
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Maintained by the Municipality of Gyenesdiás
Head of Institution: Csabáné Világos


Our institution is open, we welcome everyone who is interested! The history of the kindergarten spans more than 40 years. The building, structural structure and name of the institution underwent several changes and developments.

The kindergarten currently has 150 beds. Children are educated and developed in 6 groups. There are 2 kindergarten teachers and 1 nurse per group. Their work is complemented by 1 main pedagogical assistant. The work of the leader is assisted by 1 main kindergarten secretary. The material equipment of the institution meets the professional requirements and needs. We have state-of-the-art technical IT equipment. A modern adult locker room has been designed for the convenience of the workers. Spacious, bright group rooms, gym, dining room, development room are available for children. Our courtyard complex development toys have been modernized, part of the backyard is covered with artificial grass.

Our professional activity: Our educational body is characterized by love of children, professional versatility, creativity, thinking together, commitment, active commitment.
In our repeatedly revised Education Program, the priority areas are education for a healthy lifestyle, play, and environmentally conscious education.

We hope that the information found on our website will arouse your interest and you will visit us in person. Our institution is open, we welcome everyone who is interested!

 You can find out more about us on the kindergarten's website!

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