Gyenesdiás Day Nursery and Kindergarten

Address: Gyenesdiás, Bartók Béla u. 2.
Phone number: 83 / 310-557
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introduction of the institution:
Our nursery provides the material and personal conditions necessary for the development of children in accordance with their individual needs. Educational work is based on family education, complementing it and serving the child's development. In addition to taking into account the possibilities, we can satisfy the needs of families, thus contributing to the healthy development of children in the nursery.

Material equipment of the institution:
The building is already unique in its appearance. Its colorful facade is inviting and welcoming. A large, spacious courtyard welcomes children and their parents. There is a stroller storage in the lobby of the main entrance and you can access the other rooms of the nursery from here.
We can accommodate a total of 26 small children in two group rooms. One group accommodates children younger in age and the other older children. 
The groups are bright and decorated with cozy décor. We operate a serving kitchen with the appropriate service rooms. Ready meals are provided for us by the kitchen of the municipality. The staff has been given a comfortable changing room and we have several storage rooms.

Institutional conditions:
• 5 early childhood educators
• 2 main nurses

In the spring of each year, it is possible to enroll in the crèche at a pre-announced time. Recording begins in September of that year and is continuous.

Continuous, flexible adapts to the age of the group.
Everything happens at almost the same time every day, and we want to strengthen children's sense of security.

We work on the basis of an annual work plan. Every month we try to organize programs according to the season and the holidays.

I hope that with our introduction we have aroused the interest of the parents of the future nursery children, if they have any questions or confidence, please contact the staff of our institution.

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