Head office: Gyenesdiás Kossuth L. u. 97.
Tel: 06 83/314-507
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director: Zsolt Szabó Szilveszter

Employees of the institution:

Katalin Fliszár is a librarian
Györgyné Hársfalvi event organizer
Attila Czotter technical assistant
Major Attiláné caretaker, cleaner


1. Library activity:
Maintenance of a 12.000-volume library, book acquisition, reading service, collection of local history materials, library and public cultural events (eg. readers' club if required), children's activities, playhouses (before Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.).

2. Maintaining local clubs, organizing and coordinating their work:
Amateur performing arts groups:
- Gyenes Folk Dance Ensemble
- Gyenesdiás Folk Song choir
- Gyenesdiás Choir
- Gyenesdiás Dalárda

Creative groups:
- Specialization in weaving and folk handicrafts
- Darnay Dornyay Béla Homeland fund 
- Sewing club

Leisure clubs:
- Pensioners' Club
- Yoga Club
- Baby-mama club

3. Improving community life:
Revival of folk customs, events, gatherings 
Organizing an exhibition of local amateur artists

4. Organization of local celebrations, anniversary commemorations:
Commemoration of war heroes (January), Women's Day, March 15 ceremony, Christmas celebration, inaugurations, municipal events (eg award ceremony, twinning events, elderly day, family day, etc.)

5. Local public cultural events:
- Writer-reader meetings, literary tea parties
- Exhibitions, educational lectures
- Presentations of own groups (at the Balaton Theater in Keszthely)

6. Summer tourism - cultural events:
The institution organizes cultural events serving the tourism: program planning, tender writing, submission, event marketing,

Traditionally, our programs start with the Pentecost Season Opener (exhibition opening, family day, fishing competition, folklore program).

Our biggest event is the four-day Gyenesdiás Wine Days in mid-July. Furnished in the open air, with wine houses, lacquer roasts, bread flames, folk arts and crafts fair, resp. with a presentation, a diverse cultural and entertainment program for all ages.

At the end of July, in August, on Wednesday evenings, we hold a series of chamber music concerts in the Village Hall. Concerts are free.

Together with the 20th of August we will hold the farewell of St. Ilona of Gyenes (August 18th), which consists of an exhibition opening, commemoration, a folklore program, a concert and a musical evening.

The main event of the summer off-season is the Harvest Celebrations in the first half of September, which consists of a festive press, parade, folklore shows and a ball.

We close the year with a photo exhibition presenting the last year of the settlement, which can be viewed in the municipal building.

7. Gyenesdiási Local Newspaper:
Writing and editing free local newspaper with 12-20 pages for local residents every month. Organizing advertisements, collecting fees.

8. Participation in the work of other organizations:
Sound system, organizational work at other community events (eg Earth Day, Christopher's Day celebration, midnight mass, beach volleyball tournament.) Providing a venue and conditions for the community life of other organizations.

9. Maintain local collection:
The institution ensures the attendance of the archeological exhibition prepared in the Shepherd's House of the municipality.

10. Other tasks:
Administrative tasks, marketing work, partnership with non-governmental organizations, municipal institutions, settlement enterprises, organizations of other settlements performing similar tasks. Creating, distributing invitations, posters, etc.

Opening hours:
Monday 13: 00-17: 00
Tuesday 13: 00-17: 00
Wednesday 13.00-17.00
Thursday 13.00-17.00
Friday 9: 00-15: 30

Free services:
• Providing social internet access at the eHungary Point
• Facilitate access to information for citizens and businesses
• Provision of library and information services
• Description, use and distribution of customer gateway services
• Invitations, posters

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