Gyenesdiás Municipal Canteen

Address: 8315 Gyenesdiás, Bartók Béla u. 1.
Dining room manager: Mónika Divinyiné Zsadányi
Tel: +36/83 316-827

The Canteen in its current form was established in 1991 by the representative body of the municipality.
We cater for four age groups: nurseries, preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults. The majority of the adult group consists of employees of our social canteens and institutions. In addition to lunch, we also provide brunch and snacks for children. We also accept a limited number of outside contributors, so we cook and serve nearly 550 lunches a day. Lunch is served in a self-service form or with a takeaway.

Our staff (1 manager and 7 kitchen workers) is a familiar, excellent team, we maintain a good family relationship with our partner institutions.

In summer, in order to use our free capacity, we provide lunch for groups of children camping or vacationing in the village.

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