New attraction opening soon in Gyenesdiás

The old Talabér-Bujtor-Osvald Mill is being fully restored, along with its surroundings. Soon you can enjoy the visit to the new Bakery Museum, the Festetics Herbarium & Herb Garden.

Upstairs the atmosphere of the old water mills will be revived by a nearly ten-ton baker’s oven, an exhibition and the model of the old mill. Visitors can also walk around the Herbarium supplied by a Herb Garden with six beds. There will be also information pamphlets presenting the hunting culture and the wildlife parks relating to the Festetics family. The “Malom-patak” (Mill stream), which used to drive the mill wheels, rises from the “János-forrás” (John’s spring) nearby. Thanks to the local ‘Forrásvíz Természetbarát’ (Springwater Friends of Nature) Association the environment of the spring and the ditch, and the water of the stream have been continuously cleaned and preserved.

The first written records of the mill originate from the 16th century, from 1551 to be exact, but unfortunately, the names of its builders and the date of the building have not been found in the records.

Along the 350-meter ditch of John’s spring, an educational path has been built, the “Forrás” (Spring) Educational Path, which presents the local flora and fauna by 16 information pamphlets. This path leads to the track of the Balaton Bike Ring, from which you can easily visit the lakeside, the local marketplace, and you can also join the hiking trails of the surrounding Keszthely Hills, either by bike or on foot.

The mill is accessible also by car from the main road No 71.
Address: 7 Malom St, Gyenesdiás
GPS: 46.765499, 17.299972

Information about the programmes, exhibitions and workshops will be soon available.

Further information:
Gyenesdiási Tourist Association, Tourinform Gyenesdiás
2 Hunyadi St, Gyenesdiás H-8315
Tel: +36 83/511-790
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