Current information! 

Dear Parents!

Primary care continues to be provided through telemedicine in accordance with the current government decree. If we consider that a personal meeting is still necessary, please visit us after a preliminary telephone or email consultation. In this case, it is obligatory for you to wear the mask as well! Please arrive on time. In case of delay, the time will be deleted automatically, a new time must be requested. We keep the waiting room door closed, we have installed a bell on the outside with which you can signal your arrival. Without registration, we can only receive a patient in a life-threatening emergency!

Place and time of order:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday GYENESDIÁS 08: 00-11: 00
phone number: 83 / 316-826

Tuesday, Friday VONYARCVASHEGY 08: 00-11: 00
phone number: 83 / 348-043

On call:

available from 4 pm to 8 am the next morning, prior telephone calls are also required here! Phone number: 92 / 321-000Location: Keszthely Hospital, Ady u. 2.


Infant Counseling:

We can still only accept children at a time agreed in advance with the nurses. Only one asymptomatic parent can be in the office with their asymptomatic child at a time! Please wear a mask and, if possible, gloves at consultations! Out-of-date vaccinations and vaccinations in the child's home are not possible!

Place and time of consultations:

Tuesday VONYARCVASHEGY 13:00-14: 00
Thursday GYENESDIÁS 13:00-14:00


Please indicate your prescription needs in an email. Our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We do not issue a certificate under the current government decree. Institutions must accept children without special certificates. When attending a summer camp, the parent must also declare that the child is healthy.

Thanks:  Dr. Eszter Világos, pediatrician and pediatrician

Health Visitor counseling (Ilona Koronczné Cserép) Wednesday: 8:00-11: 00
Infant counseling (Ilona Koronczné Cserép) Thursday: 13:00 - 14:00

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