Local Goverment of Gyenesdiás is proud of its achievements in the field of environmental protection and family-friendly developments.

  • 2020: 1st place in the Climate-Friendly Award of the Association of Climate-Friendly Municipalities in the Municipality category
  • 2020.: "The best beach on Lake Balaton" is the Dias Beach. This beach also proved to be the most prepared for the epidemiological controls around Lake Balaton.
  • 2020: Gyenes Lido Beach also won five stars in the Blue Wave Flag certification.
  • 2019: Diás  Beach: "The most family-friendly beach on Lake Balaton"
  • 2018: Diás Beach: "The best beach on Lake Balaton"
  • 2017: Diás Beach: "The most family-friendly beach on Lake Balaton"
  • 2016: Within the Blue Wave Flag qualification, the special award for "The Greenest Beach" was given to the Diás Beach
  • 2016: Awarding the rank of “Perpetual Green Kindergarten” and “Perpetual Eco-School”.
  • 2014: The "House of Nature Visitor Center" was built in cooperation with Bakonyerdő Ltd.
  • 2014: Village renewal fee (farmers' market, involvement of local producers)
  • 2012: National first place in the topic of Best Municipal Practices “City of Waters, Wonderful Wet World”
  • 2011: Third place in "The Capital of Biodiversity" competition
  • 2011: Thanks to several institutional developments, the settlement received the “Family-Friendly Local Government” award.

Our regular environmental and civil programs:

  • Notable green day programs: Budding Spring Holiday, Green Weeks in the Kindergarten, Eco Days School
  • “One house to plant” campaign - to promote the cultivation of small backyard gardens.
  • “One house, one vine-plant” promotion - Resistant grape varieties can be obtained at cost price, primarily for the preservation of traditions.
  • Bird Christmas - 1.2-1.8 tons of sunflower seeds are distributed  free of charge every year for local residents.
  • Fruit Gathering Blessed Virgin Day - promotion of native, domestic fruit varieties and demonstration of grafting, seed exchange.
  • School "Climate Missioners" Meetings - Every year, children can tell in an unusual board meeting what environmental development they consider justified in the settlement.



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